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DANUBE FAB workshop at World ATM Congress 2019 on ATSEP Training and Competence

Representatives of ANSPs, Training Organisations and from the International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations (IFATSEA) gathered at DANUBE FAB stand at the World ATM Congress 2019 in Madrid to discuss fundamental concepts and questions related to the implementation of EU requirements regarding the ATSEP training and competence assessment programme.

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  • DANUBE FAB workshop at World ATM Congress 2019 on ATSEP Training and Competence
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The capacity crisis – a single sector cause or are we missing other, significant factors?

Mr. Veselin Stoyanov, Director EU programmes, projects and strategies at BULATSA together with the other panellists investigated the need to improve the Environment Performance indicator (KEA indicator) with a new one considering not only the deviation from the shortest route, but also airspace availability and airline preferences, for example an indicator that is centred around measuring the degree of flight planning freedom provided to users, vs. flight planning availability.

DANUBE FAB panel debate at World ATM Congress 2019 on FABs participation in SESAR projects

Hosted by DANUBE FAB and moderated by Helios Director Mr James Hanson, the debate focussed on the challenges and opportunities in evolving the role of FABs. The FAB representatives were united in their desire to further develop the FAB concept; believing firmly that there is a place for FABs in the delivery of the future European Airspace architecture.

DANUBE FAB meeting with DG MOVE

DANUBE FAB representatives from the Romanian and Bulgarian NSAs, ROMATSA and BULATSA met with representatives from the Single European Sky Unit within DG MOVE on 10th December in Brussels for bilateral discussions on institutional and operational arrangements, current initiatives and previous successes contributing to the capacity and efficiency of the ATM network.

SEEN FRA extended with Bratislava CTA

Starting from 6th of December 2018 Slovakia has joined the SEEN FRA (South East Europe Night Free Route Airspace) initiative of 3 ANSPs, namely BULATSA, HUNGAROCONTROL and ROMATSA, allowing the Aircraft Operators to plan their flights freely across the airspace of 4 states - Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia - without the limitations given by the geographical borders. SEEN FRA itself is a specific volume of the European airspace where the Aircraft Operators are allowed to file their flight plans without the obligation to follow prescribed ATS routes during the night times from the midnight until 0600 a.m. local time.

High Priority Projects


The establishment of DANUBE FAB is an essential element of the Single European Sky (SES) legislative framework, which creates a system of measures for provision of sufficient capacity for servicing the increasing number of flights over Europe, decreasing the delays, improving the safety and cost-efficiency of the air navigation services.


Our vision is to provide the safest, most secure, efficient and environmentally friendly air-navigation services in south-eastern Europe”. DANUBE FAB strives towards a qualitative transformation of the functional air navigation systems achieving the highest safety standards, providing the highest performing infrastructure for all users in line with a seamless single sky while ensuring effective environmental sustainability.


The objective of the DANUBE FAB, in the airspace under the responsibility of Romania and the Republic of Bulgaria, is to improve capacity, cost-efficiency of the air navigation services and environmental protection by optimising provision of ANS and civil-military cooperation in a process of sustainable development, while increasing the level of safety.

Strategic Objectives

  • Romatsa
  • Bulatsa