Eight DANUBE FAB Governing Council

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Transport, Civil and Military Aviation Authorities, National Supervisory Authorities and ANSPs from both countries. Delegates from the Republic of Macedonia were welcomed to the meeting as Observers following the official mandate received at the sixth Governing Council meeting in 2015.

                             Main items for discussion of the meeting were the DANUBE FAB RP2 Performance Plan developments and the initiation of South East Europe Night Free Route Airspace within Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania (SEEN FRA) with the support of the Network Manager. The last step to gradually deploy 24-hour cross-border FRA in the DANUBE FAB airspace (PHASE III FRA) is proposed to be before the end of 2019. The Governing Council noted that Phase FRA III will be implemented in a trilateral manner, without delay expected at this stage, taking into consideration also the results of the Real Time Simulations held in 2015.

                             The members of the DANUBE FAB Governing Council took note of the Technical Rationalisation and Infrastructure projects, common procurements, Inter-FAB cooperation including the active role of DANUBE FAB in the Inter-FAB Coordination Platform and bilateral initiatives with other FABs.

                             The Governing Council members were also informed of the series of studies and surveys towards the FABs across the European airspace launched by the European Commission. Particular focus was given to the study assessing the organisational, operational and technical progress of FABs with the aim to collect FAB-specific factual data from individual FABs.

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