Maurizio Castelletti joins FAB debate at DANUBE FAB stand



Maurizio Castelletti joins FAB debate at DANUBE FAB stand

On the 8th March 2017 DANUBE FAB CEOs Mr. Georgi Peev, BULATSA and Mr. Valentin Cimpuieru, ROMATSA hosted an interactive debate on the Future of FABs at the DANUBE FAB stand, involving an exchange of views amongst senior FAB representatives and Mr. Maurizio Castelletti, Head of Single European Sky unit at DG MOVE. 

The debate was moderated by Mr. Mike Shorthose, Principal Director at Helios Technology LTD. FABs are part of a growing number of tools and collaborations to deliver Single European Sky objectives, and their future role must be well defined to ensure relevance in a changing European environment. The open discussion between FABs and the Commission about the future made for an interesting and visionary debate that showcased FABs achievements and progress. FABs representatives reiterated their resolution towards delivering more benefits for all ATM stakeholders.
[Georgi Peev]   [Valentin Cimpuieru]   [Maurizio Castelletti]  

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