Consultation Process

One of the key objectives of DANUBE FAB is to deliver enhanced efficiency and reduced costs for the airspace users. DANUBE FAB has therefore placed important emphasis on communicating the goals and progress of the FAB with airspace users; other external stakeholders and international organisations.
As part of a DANUBE FAB communications plan, dissemination of information takes place regularly through, for example, the DANUBE FAB website.

From time to time customer consultation meetings with stakeholders will also take place to:

  1. Inform airlines about the implementation of the DANUBE FAB
  2. Promote a common understanding of the DANUBE FAB
  3. Collect feedback and comments on the project and its orientation.

Communication is key. An open and honest dialogue between FAB partners and external parties (European Commission, ICAO, Eurocontrol, CANSO, IATA, IACA, non-EU Member States, focal points of other FAB initiatives, airports and manufacturers) will foster trust internally and coherence externally. A significant amount of effort was invested in promoting DANUBE FAB achievements through press releases, website material and publicity events during the development phase and will continue.