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Twentieth Meetings of the DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies

Wednesday, 10th and Thursday, 11th May 2023, the DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies met in Sofia for their twentieth meetings, marking the continuous efforts of Bulgaria and Romania to shape the strategic direction and priorities for the FAB and to progress further their cooperation with key projects for the benefit of safe and efficient provision of ANS.

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  • Twentieth Meetings of the DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies
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Czech Republic joins SEE FRA

Starting from 23rd of February 2023 the Aircraft Operators are able to plan their flights freely across the airspace of Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Republic of Moldova and Czech Republic 24/7 without the limitations of the geographical boundaries. The inclusion of the airspace of the Czech Republic represents the third expansion of the SEE FRA project (South East Europe Free Route Airspace, successfully implemented on the 7th of November 2019), thus making possible cross border free route operations across the airspace of the 6 states. Therefore, SEE FRA becomes one of the largest free route airspace blocks in Europe.

Nineteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum

On 26 January 2023, DANUBE FAB social partners met the management of BULATSA and ROMATSA in a face-to-face format for the first time since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting allowed the social partners to receive a summary of the activities completed in 2022, as well as to gain knowledge about the planned activities within the DANUBE FAB for 2023.

Nineteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies

After 10 years of working together in the DANUBE FAB framework the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania have proven their ability to rapidly adapt, adjust, implement and apply new regulations while taking the necessary measures to have performant air navigation infrastructures and services in order to conduct safe air operations. On 9 December and 16 December 2022, the ANSP Board, respectively the Governing Council, held their nineteenth meetings, a week after the ANSP Board, thus ensuring the bridge between the relevant strategic and planning bodies of the FAB and the Governing Council.

Research Workshop

Around 100 participants from all over Europe and America attended the research workshop Single European Sky and Resilience in ATM in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 15-16 September. Organised by DANUBE FAB, FABEC and GARS, the workshop brought together senior academics, high-level industry experts and regulators to exchange views on how to manage increasing uncertainty in air traffic management.

High Priority Projects


The establishment of DANUBE FAB is an essential element of the Single European Sky (SES) legislative framework, which creates a system of measures for provision of sufficient capacity for servicing the increasing number of flights over Europe, decreasing the delays, improving the safety and cost-efficiency of the air navigation services.


Our vision is to provide the safest, most secure, efficient and environmentally friendly air-navigation services in south-eastern Europe”. DANUBE FAB strives towards a qualitative transformation of the functional air navigation systems achieving the highest safety standards, providing the highest performing infrastructure for all users in line with a seamless single sky while ensuring effective environmental sustainability.


The objective of the DANUBE FAB, in the airspace under the responsibility of Romania and the Republic of Bulgaria, is to improve capacity, cost-efficiency of the air navigation services and environmental protection by optimising provision of ANS and civil-military cooperation in a process of sustainable development, while increasing the level of safety.

Strategic Objectives

  • Romatsa
  • Bulatsa