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Strategic planning within the DANUBE FAB is an organizational management activity used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common objectives, establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and assess and adjust the FAB's direction in response to a changing ATM/ANS environment.

The DANUBE FAB Strategic Program (SP) is required to be developed by the DANUBE FAB State Agreement. Through this programmatic document, DANUBE FAB established a clear vision, its strategic objectives and a concrete set of activities and tasks to be performed at FAB level over at least a five year horizon. 

The Strategic Program is adopted by the Governing Council and provides a solid basis to build on and to drive through increasingly ambitious and broader initiatives for cooperation that are of mutual benefit to the FAB partners.

The Strategic Program is developed alongside the Annual Plan for a given year. The Annual Plan (AP) should not merely be an extraction of the activities and tasks from the Strategic Program, which does not provide enough detail for effective implementation. Therefore, the Annual Plan forms records and key reference for the detailed tasks to be undertaken at the expert layer of the project. It will add additional detail on resources and timescales for the applicable year and is built based on detailed input from experts.

The Annual Plan also includes a description of high priority projects, which represent the most urgent tasks or activities to be undertaken or implemented in the referred year within DANUBE FAB. The selection of Priority Projects aims to ensure the focus is on significant or vital projects within DANUBE FAB, and therefore represent the areas where significant effort is necessary in order to ensure the FAB meets European Union’s requirements or to ensure evolution of the FAB.

The implementation progress of both the Strategic Program and the Annual Plan is monitored through the Annual Report (required by Article 10.5 c. of the DANUBE FAB State Agreement). The output of an Annual Report may be used as a basis for modifying the Strategic Program and for creating a new Annual Plan. If, for example, successive Annual Reports indicate a trend that suggests a previous goal identified in the Strategic Program is no longer achievable or desired it may be removed from subsequent SP/APs.

The Annual Report also includes a status of the priority projects, lying on the project critical path, identifies any strategic studies that may be necessary for the further development of the FAB and summarises the wider task of monitoring progress within the FAB.