Processes and procedures

  • Provisions for social dialogue are enshrined within the DANUBE FAB ANSP Agreement.
    In addition, Terms of Reference/ Rules of Procedure are in place setting out the mechanism and processes for social dialogue at FAB level.
Face to face meetings are held twice per year. Additional ad hoc meetings may be convened out of cycle, on request of either the social partners or ANSPs. There is also the option to use written consultations if views of social partners are required outside of a meeting cycle, for example via an exchange of letters. Social partners are also consulted prior to an ANSP Board, and their comments are fed into discussion at the ANSP Board.

Meetings are co-chaired by the Director Generals, and attended by senior management figures and relevant experts. Social partners are represented by trade unions and professional associations from each State. The meetings are held alternately in Bulgaria and Romania, to enable an equal representation from social partners from each State.

Invites are sent out at least one month in advance, with papers distributed at least one week prior to the meeting. Commenting periods are general flexible (depending on the request for comments).

Work Groups or Task Forces may be set up to look specifically in detail at a topic. A request to establish a Work Group or Task Force can be raised by either the management or social partners.