High Priority Projects

Technical Rationalisation and Infrastructure

Technical Rationalisation and Infrastructure

DANUBE FAB endeavours to jointly plan CNS infrastructure development and where possible conduct common procurement. The objective of this project is to develop the cooperation in the technical domain by identifying opportunities to coordinate, rationalise and/or share technical infrastructure, thereby generating cost savings.

The top priority activities to be continued from previous plans are:

  • Implementation of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in ATM (ground-ground);
  • Implement Data Link Services above FL 285 (including CPDLC using VDL/2);
  • Implement extended set of OLDI messages.

A new priority activity for 2020 is:

  • To conduct a comprehensive review and refresh of DANUBE FAB technical rationalisation and infrastructure studies / documentation, with the objective of identifying feasible new common projects. This review shall take place after completion of the updated DANUBE FAB Technical Working Group documents.