Fifteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum (SCF)



Fifteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum (SCF)

19th November 2020, online
DANUBE FAB SCF held its 15th meeting on 19 November 2020 in a digital format. The decision to organise it online was made by the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board in the context of the ongoing spread of COVID-19 with a view to maintaining the regular consultations between BULATSA and ROMATSA social partners and management representatives.

Not surprisingly, the discussion revolved around the severe consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation sector, BULATSA and ROMATSA management recognising that the actual crisis profoundly and economically affected every aspect of air traffic services provision. As a result, the social partners were informed of the agreement made at the fifteenth meeting of the ANSP Board to put an additional effort into rethinking the strategic matters of DANUBE FAB.

Referring to the progress made so far within DANUBE FAB, the social partners were informed of the developments made against the strategic planning, status of procurements, external relations and the evolution in the implementation of the FAB High Priority projects. In the same context, the management representatives reiterated their commitment to continue to implement Free Route Airspace FAB-wide and beyond, with the extension of SEE FRA with the Slovakian airspace as of January 2021.

On the technical rationalisation and infrastructure aspects, the social partners were updated regarding the intensive work done by the DANUBE FAB experts for developing a DANUBE FAB Technical Architecture document as a basis for a future impact study of the latest EU developments regarding the implementation of SES.

Regarding the InterFAB coordination platform, the participants were presented with the intensive activities performed over the recent years, and the active role of DANUBE FAB as one of the core FABs involved in the platform.

The next DANUBE FAB social consultation will be organised in spring 2021.
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