Case study for DANUBE FAB VCS project



Case study for DANUBE FAB VCS project

DANUBE FAB prepares for cross-border communications with a solid foundation for virtual centre capabilities

DANUBE FAB engaged aviation industry experts from Frequentis to replace legacy communication systems at ANSPs in both countries with next-generation VCS3020X solutions.

DANUBE FAB finalized the replacement of the voice communication systems (VCS) in use at BULATSA and ROMATSA with two separate deployments of VCS3020X from Frequentis. The world’s first VCS to support dynamic sectorisation – VCS3020X, is a resilient, high-performance voice over IP (VoIP) platform that will enable BULATSA and ROMATSA to enhance the connectivity between their VCS networks with dynamic delay compensation for IP networks and echo-free voice experience for controllers. In addition, the new VCS system will help BULATSA and ROMATSA to move towards the cross-border communications model laid out by the SESAR project, allowing the distribution of workload across their control centres, thus ehancing safety, efficiency and business continuity.

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