Eighteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies



Eighteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies

Eighteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board

On Wednesday 13th April 2022, the management teams of BULATSA and ROMATSA held their eighteenth meeting of the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board, maintaining the important role in shaping the strategic direction and priorities for the FAB.

The meeting focussed on the three high priority projects outlined in the 2022 versions of the DANUBE FAB Strategic Programme and Annual Plan. These include Free Route Airspace, InterFAB Coordination, and FAB Enlargement. In addition to this, the ANSP Board was briefed on recent Single European Sky developments as well as on the completion of the Strategic Impact Study, with the recommendations of the currently being implemented across the FAB.

During this meeting, attendees were updated on projects which have recently been completed and significantly progressed within the FAB. Most notable was the expansion of SEE FRA to include the Republic of Moldova, while cross-border FRA operations also commenced with BALTIC FRA, meaning the airspace from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea is now open for free route operations.

Members were informed of DANUBE FAB’s intended participation in the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking programme, with both BULATSA and ROMATSA investigating areas of common interest in order to bid for funding in the rounds which opened on 7th April 2022. Finally, the members were updated on the InterFAB Research Workshop due to take place in Sofia on 15th-16th September 2022, with a number of activities ongoing to ensure the event is a great success for all parties involved.

Eighteenth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Governing Council

Having regard to the requirements of the DANUBE FAB State Agreement which foresee that the meetings of the Governing Council shall be organised twice a year, the Council members held their eighteenth reunion on 14 of April 2022, one day after the ANSP Board, thus ensuring the bridge between the relevant strategic and planning bodies of the FAB and the Governing Council.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Transport, Civil and Military Aviation Authorities, National Supervisory Authorities and ANSPs from both countries. Delegates were also welcomed as observers from the Republic of Moldova.

The Council was briefed on the status of the DANUBE FAB strategic planning and reporting for 2022, status of key FAB activities and procurements, the NSA Board Activity Report and the progress made on the FAB’s high priority projects.

The Strategic Programme 2022 - 2026, Annual Plan 2022 and Annual Report 2021, which had been updated based on interviews with DANUBE FAB experts and project managers, were approved by the meeting participants. These documents focus on areas for development within the FAB to ensure of the continued and quick recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 and to ensure the High Priority projects, and other key tasks and activities, are progressed significantly in 2022.

Members were informed of the main ongoing regulatory initiatives taking place at European level, such as SES 2+ (recast) and the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking programme, with participants then discussing their potential impact on the FAB and how the FAB can take maximum benefit from these initiatives.

The next round of DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies meetings are planned for Autumn 2022.

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