Twentieth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum (SCF)



Twentieth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum (SCF)

Twentieth Meeting of the DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum (SCF)

Thursday, 2 November 2023 (Pravets, Bulgaria)

Continuing its commitment to encourage and maintain the social dialogue within the framework of DANUBE FAB, the twentieth meeting of the DANUBE FAB SCF took place in Pravets, Bulgaria on 2 November 2023. The forum provided an opportunity for participants to share their views on various topics related to the FAB activities.

During the meeting the social representatives from ROMATSA and BULATSA were presented with the developments since the last meeting of the SCF in January 2023. The participants were informed about the DANUBE FAB strategic matters such as Strategic Programme 2024-2028, Annual Plan 2024, and Annual Report 2023. Information was also provided on the planned procurements and budget of the FAB for 2024. Regarding operational matters the highlight was the expansion of the SEE FRA in February 2023 with the inclusion of the FRACZECH (Czech Republic).

Other items that were discussed were the cooperation with other FABs under the InterFAB cooperation platform - including the publication of two studies on fragmentation and traffic scenarios, latest EU developments, activities related to the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking, the new SESAR Deployment Manager and Infrastructure Partnership (SDIP) and SESAR Deployment manager. The planned joined participation of ROMATSA and BULATSA in the Digital European Sky Industrial Research projects ATC-TBO and NETWORK TBO are an important milestone in the DANUBE FAB cooperation framework. 

The next DANUBE FAB Social Consultation Forum will be held in the first half of 2024 in Romania.

Note for editors:

DANUBE FAB is the functional airspace block formed between the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania, including the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA) and the Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration (ROMATSA), as the air navigation service providers. DANUBE FAB is a key element of the Single European Sky (SES) legislative framework, which prescribes a range of measures to ensure sufficient capacity for servicing flights over Europe.



Communication officer for BULATSA: Christina Dimitrova

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Communication officer for ROMATSA: Silviu Gheorghe

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