DANUBE FAB position paper on the WPG Report recommendations



DANUBE FAB position paper on the WPG Report recommendations

During the fourteenth meeting of the DANUBEB FAB Governing Council held in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria on the 7th November, the members of the Council discussed on the proposed Study regarding the evolution of the European airspace architecture as well on the recommendations of the Wise Persons Group in their Report on the Future of the Single European Sky. As a result, the DANUBE FAB Governing Council members decided to issue a position paper on the Report's recommendations and to propose, amongst others, that FABs can effectively contribute to the application of a total system approach to European aviation, supported by well-defined objectives, realistic expectations and pragmatic timelines ensuring commitment and involvement of all players.

The Wise Persons Group on the future of Single European Sky (SES) was established by the DG MOVE to produce a set of recommendations for the direction that European Air Traffic Management should take in order to deliver better performance and better services. On 15 April 2019, the group has delivered its report to the European Commissioner for Transport and Mobility.

The DANUBE FAB Governing Council provides oversight and approval of key FAB documentation (annual plans, safety policy, airspace policy, performance plans etc.). It is composed of one high level representative of the State authority on transport, one representative from the authority responsible for military aviation, the Heads of both NSAs and the Heads of both ANSPs of the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania.

Download the DANUBE FAB position paper on the Wise Persons Group (WPG) Report recommendations.