FAB CE and DANUBE FAB joint statement on the future of the Network Manager

With regard to the currently ongoing discussions on the imminent re-nomination of the Network Manager, the FAB CE and DANUBE FAB CEOs jointly concluded:

  • FAB CE and DANUBE FAB ANSPs appreciate the European Commission’s proactive effort suggesting further streamlining and more efficiency of the Network Manager;
  • FAB CE and DANUBE FAB ANSPs welcome the EUROCONTROL response to the European Commission and consider it as a solid basis for further role of EUROCONTROL as a more autonomous and efficient body executing the responsibility of the Network Manager;
  • FAB CE and DANUBE FAB ANSPs consider that the option of creating a legal entity (subsidiary created by and fully/majority owned by EUROCONTROL) is the solution for balancing a strong role of NMB in governing the Network Manager while benefiting from existing competence and impartiality of the existing Network Manager team. The FABCE and DANUBE FAB CEOs are therefore supporting this option as the ultimate goal;
  • Nevertheless, if the above option is not feasible within the remaining timeframe up to 2019, the option of a functional separation (Network Manager as a functionally separated entity of EUROCONTROL) is also acceptable for re-appointment in 2019, supported by short term actions as proposed by EUROCONTROL.